Better Than Good

Multi-platform Campaign

At Shake Shack, we pride ourselves on good. Our burgers are made from 100% all-natural Angus beef. Our chicken? All-natural and cage free. We earned a Grade A rating by serving antibiotic and hormone-free meat for better tasting, safer-to-consume meals. Our premium ingredients are just that —premium. Better than the rest. What you see online and in our ads is what you get at one of our Shacks. In the mood for something good?


We’re better than good.

CLient: Shake Shack - Intern Campaign

AD: Hannah Weeks

CW: Camille Mcdaniel


Out of home


Introducing new products allows us to have fresh

conversations with our customers and keep them interested.


The Better Burger Builder promotion allows customers

to bring the quality that they want into our Shacks.

On this microsite, they can create original burger

masterpieces from our selection of premium ingredients.

Customers can vote on the microsite for the best burger, which will

become the limited-edition burger for the Grade A Fridays promotion.

Through Grade A Fridays, we’ll launch the winning burger from the Better Burger Builder promotion. Every Friday during the month of July, Shake Shack’s anniversary month, we’ll sell the Hot Chili Smoke Burger made by Sarah from Boston. We own the best, Grade A burgers. Let’s own Fridays, too! 

In-store Activation

Shake Shack x Team USA

Shake Shack and Team USA athletes share two core values: quality and intentionality. With intent, Shake Shack sources premium ingredients to serve quality food. Through discipline and a solid vision, these olympians became the best of the best in their sports. Shake Shack is Better Than Good and so are these top-of-the-class athletes.

In-store Activation

In-store Activation

Team USA Burger Training Session

Shake Shack culinary director Mark Rosati will launch the Team USA Burger with a Training Session in the Madison Square Park Shack. At this outdoor hibachi grill-style demonstration, Mark will show how the Team USA Burger is made while he gives out small samples of the limited edition burger. The Training Session will be live-streamed on Instagram and archived on IGTV.

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